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What now for the Niners?

After looking back on the 1998 season I, along with a lot of people in the NFL are asking, "What now for the San Fransisco 49ers?" Ask any football analyst and they will tell you that San Fran is headed on a one way road straight to the bottom. They are too old, too over spent, and there are too many distractions to salvage anything. But haven't we heard this for the last four or five years? Every year they say the 49ers are dead and every year they somehow end up competing for the NFC bid. But when they lost to Atlanta, many people saw a changing of the guard in the NFC West. The same chaging of the guard that they saw in 96 with Carolina? Only time will tell. Already the Niners are working to ensure they stay among the leagues premeire teams. Does the name Bill Walsh ring a bell? How about Terry Donahue? Well, both recently joined the team to try and work out a way to keep the 49ers competitive. I'd say Walsh knows a thing or two about building a powerhouse team. The one he built is still standing, it just needs some repairs. That is exactly what the 49ers have brought Walsh in to do. So go ahead and say the 49ers are dead. Go ahead and count them out next season. While you do that, they'll be making the necessary adjustments to make the playoffs and then some. GO NINERS!

                                                        Chris Kelley

              Team              Wins     Loss
              Falcons           14        2
              49ers             12        4
              Saints            6         10
              Rams              4         12
              Panthers          4         12         
Is he becoming the third wheel? I THINK NOT!

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