Camp Awosting 1999

Welcome to my Camp Awosting 1999 page. Here you will find some of the pictures that I took this summer and some of the addresses of some of the staff members. Some of the pictures may take a minute or two to download so be patient. Enjoy!

bethcar.jpg: Somehow, Beth's car found it's way into the dinging hall
irish.jpg: Irish dancing on the bar with his women.
vermont.jpg: Brady, Sarah, and myself in Vermont
y2kgroup.jpg: South Africa group
adamsbed.jpg: How did Adam's bed end up at the fire cicrle?
prettyjon.jpg: Jon lookin good!
prettydavid.jpg: David, Jon, and Dale also looking good!
warcanoe.jpg: Warcanoe 1999
jonandsammie.jpg: Jon and Sammie
rafting.jpg: Rafting on the Hudson River at Lage George
lkgeorge.jpg: The Lake George group
rollercoaster.jpg: The Lake George Counselors on a Coaster
danandpip.jpg: Dan and Pip experiencing golf for the first time
cabin15.jpg: Is that the Backstreet Boys or Mike Piontek?

More pictures and other stuff to come!