Simpson profile

Bart Simpson

Claim to Fame: 

As the "I didn't do it boy"

Arch Enemies: 

Sideshow Bob and Linda Lavin

Had a big crush on: 

Jessica Lovejoy and Laura Powers (the girl next door).

First words: 

"Aye caramba!"


Krusty the Klown, Radioactive Man, and himself


His faithful companion, Santa's Little Helper

Pet Peeves: 

Homework, Lisa's slumber parties.


Bart wants to have it all and usually gets what he wants, which is 
sometimes more than he bargained for. Bart's proudest achievements 
include: going seven months without bathing, actually teaching a 
hamster to fly an airplane, and preforming "Jingle Bells" with his 
armpit. As "El Barto" his nom de graffiti, he is commonly regarded 
as Public Enemy #1. Yet strangely, as Bartman, he is a force for 
good. Ably assisted by his loyal sidekick Houseboy (Milhouse), 
Bartman bodly battles bullies, bad guys, and Boston Terriers.

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