Christopher Duane Kelley

kind of a different look huh

A little about myself:

First Name:  Christopher
Middle Name:  Duane
Last Name:  Kelley
Mother:  Paula Kelley
Father:  David Kelley
Sister:  Nicole and Becky Kelley
Pets:  Dogs: Corky, Maliki, Kadie, Cats: Dumkey, Webster, about 20 
       other cats six horses, and some fish
Birthday:  July 27, 1979
Age:  19
Fav. Actress:  Alicia Silverstone
Fav. Actor:  Tommy Lee Jones
Fav. TV Shows:  Simpsons and MacGyver
Fav. Movie:  Shawshank Redemption
Fav. Book:  The Rainmaker

The History of Chris

On July 27, 1979 the world was blessed with a new baby boy. What a cute boy he was and is today! Anyway, I was born in Geneseo Illinois. A few years my family moved to Horicon Wisconsin. There I spent a large chunk of my life. I atended school at Horicon until the 7th grade. Some of my best friends in Horicon were Nick Curry, Aaron Tator, and Andy Mason. In the summer between 6th grade and 7th grade for some reason my family decided to move to Mayville Wisconsin, which is about 5 miles away from Horicon. I spent 7th grade up till the second quarter of my Freshman year at Mayville. There I played football in 7th grade. I didn't like it. I also played basketball and ran track both 7th and 8th grade. During the first quarter of my Freshaman year at MHS, my family got news that my dad was to be transfered to the Quad City's John Deere plant. So, during Thanksgiving break of my Freshman year I moved to Orion Illinois. There I participated in band, baseball, basketball stat, journalism, scholastic bowl, and the school play. Then I decided to go to Northern Illinois University and major in Computer Science. Then I made this page.

E-mail Addresses

Aaron Patton
Amanda L Strombeck
Anna Trego
Ben Ahring
Bradley Goddard
chad aaron thomsen
David Kelley
Paula Kelley
Ian Dingman   
Jodi Krutke		krutkj59@vaxa.cis
Josh Adams
Heather Swanson
Katie Foster
Katie Morris
Keith Mundt
Kim Larson
Kirk Humphreys
Liz Pleshe
Martin Riedel-Martinez
Mary Ziemer
Matt Mears
Megan Feik
Melanie Volkert
Michelle Christensen
Miss Cox
Nancy Armstrong
Nicole Kelley
Quinn Kretchman
Sara Luce
Sarah Sottos  
Sarah Conrad
Sheryl McCann
Tracy L. Waas
Troy Johnson

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