Simpson profile

Grandpa Simpson


Leader of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Springfield

Loves of his life: 

Obviously Mrs. Simpson, Beatrice "Bea" Simmons, Grandma Bouvier, and
the world's oldest woman (mentioned in the All-You-Can-Eat episode? 
You know the 120 year old whom he tried to impress by wearing a 15 
pound beard of bees).

Favorite TV Program: 

Matlock (or "Maaaaaaaaaaatlock!")

Place of "Residence": 

Springfield Retirement Castle.


Watching Matlock, complaining and leading the Gay and Lesbian 
Alliance of Springfield.

Largest sum of money ever held: 

$106,000 from Bea's will.

Did you know that ... 

He was once voted the handsomest boy in Albany, New York and that he 
worked for forty years as a night watchman in a cranberry silo. 

Bought his house with: 

The money won on "How Low Will You GO?", a crooked 50's TV game show. 

Claim to fame: 

Can dress himself. 

Secret Shame: 

Often forgets to. 


Through his life time, and we have reason to believe it's been a 
looong life time, he has fathered (or more correctly been a father to)
two children, Homer and Herbert. He spends most of life, now, 
complaining to anyone around him. That usually means Jasper, or his 
own family

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