Simpson Profile

Homer Jebediah Simpson

Current Occupation: 
Safety Inspector, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant 

Previous Occupations: 
•Worker drone from Sector 7G at SNPP 
•Pin monkey at Bowl-O-Rama 
•The Stonecutters' Chosen One 
•Relieved Smithers for week 
•(Highly paid) Executive for SNPP 
•Selling illegal bear to Moe during prohibition in Springfield 
•Mr. Plow -- the snow plowing guy 
•Door to door sugar salesman 

Favorite Foods: 

•Sugar! ("White gold" and "Texas tea ... sweetener") 
•Potato chips 
•Turkey on rye 
•Waffles with a whole stick of butter 
•Pork Chops 
•Cheap meat 
•The Gummy Venus De Milo (remember the one that brought claims of 
    "sexual harrasment") 
•I just know there are more. It's Homer after all. 
Favorite Drinks: 

•Flaming Homer (later to be the Flaming Moe) 
•Red Tick Bear 
•Brine •Fudd 
•Invisible Cola 

Claim to Fame: 

Created the Flaming Homer (later to be called the Flaming Moe) which 
made Moe rich and popular and well left Homer back at square one ... 

Award won: 

The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement 
in the Field of Excellence although funnily enough he's never won the 
Worker of the Week Award at SNPP. 

Type of engagement ring given to Marge: 

Onion ring. 

Favorite Movie: 

Look Who's Oinking, Honk if You're Horny 

Favorite TV Program: 

Million Dollar Movie's "Big Gorilla Week." 

Favorite Song: 

It's raining men 

Homer's Hair Products: 

Hair Chow, Bald Buster, U-Make "B" Hair-E, Scalp Blaster, and Hair in 
a Drum. And let's not forget the one that worked: Dimoxonil. 


Bowling, fishing, and collecting heavily salted snack treats in the 
folds in his belly. 


Homer Simpson holds the Springfied Nuclear Power Plant record for 
Most Years Worked at an Entry Level Position. He is intensely loyal 
to his wife and kids, except when he's yelling, stomping around in his 
underwear, and sulking in the basement. He is always willing to lend 
a hand around the house, as long as it involves licking frosting off 

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