Circle K Agenda for January 25, 1999

I.    Pledges
II.   Introductions
III.  Old Buisness
      A.  Required hours:  15 per semester.  Mandatory to be in good
          standing with the club.
      B.  Kiwanis lunch Wed.  (last two weeks)
IV.   New Buisness
      A.  Kiwanis lunch every Wed. @ 12 at the Elk's Lodge.  If you need
          a ride, let Bill know.
      B.  CLC Tuesday Jan 26 is CANCELED
      C.  Feb. 1 (Monday) Safe Passage 6:00-8:30
      D.  Feb. 3 Circle K program to Kishwaukee Kiwanis @ 12.
      E.  Feb. 6-7 Overnight get-together in Oregon, IL.  Leave @ 4 pm
          on Saturday and return late Sunday afternoon.  Possibility of
          sledding, bonfire, hikes, etc.  Bring sleeping bags!!
      F.  ****Nominations for next years officers Feb. 8 and Feb15****
      G.  Nursing home: 2 options
          1.  Feb. 12 (Friday) @ 2pm Valentine's Day Party
          2.  Feb. 13 (Saturday) @ 10am Bingo
          *(We will be voting on one or both)
      H.  Feb. 15 Divisional Interclub @ Pizza Villa.
      I.  Feb. 15,15,17 Bowl for Kids Sake (Time slots to be announced
          next week.)
      J.  ELECTIONS Feb. 22!!
      K.  March 5,6,7 - District Convention in Marion
      L.  March 20 "No Snow Embrace" - Our own Holiday Embrace
      M.  Comedy Club v. Jenny Jones???
V.    VP's report - Becky
VI.   Secretary's report - Monica
VII.  Treasurer's report - Chris
VIII. Advisor Time
IX.   Closing

** Anyone interested in doing a "Key to College" program at the DeKalb
High School, please see me!**

Questions?  Call Carrie at 754-7532!!!**

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