A Lot of These Pages are Ones that I visit on a Regular Basis. AND I THINK YOU SHOULD TOO!!!!!

http://espn.sportszone.com/ ESPN's official web site
This site is so good I use it as my startup page!!!
http://www.cnnsi.com CNNSI's offical web site
Yet another wonderful sports site!!!
http://www.kiwanis.org/circlek/index.html The Circle K web site
Find out what this Circle K thing is that Chris is always talking about
http://www.weather.com/twc/homepage.twc The Weather Channel
You know it, you love it. Its the Weather Channel. A very usefull site
http://uk.imdb.com/search The Internet Movie Data Base
A site that has every, yes every, movie ever made in it
http://corona.bc.ca/films/main.html Corona Files
Has Information on Upcoming Movies

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