Simpson profile

Lisa Marie Simpson

Job Description: 

"Everybody's answer to question no-one asked" according to Ned 

First Word: 


Had crushes on: 

Llandon Augur (is that how it's spelt??), Nelson Muntz and Cory (from 
the Cory Hotline). 

Subscribes to: 

•Non-threatening Boys 
•Teen Scream 

Current reading: 

Virginia Woolf, Zelda Fitzgerald, Sylvia Plath, and "Non-Threatening 
Boys Magazine".


Women who have resisted domination by the patriarchy, pony rides.


Lisa is intelligent, sensative, talented, and creative. As a result, 
she is completly ignored by her family. With the guidence of "Bleeding
Gums" Murphy, she has found some solace in playing the blues on her 
saxophone. Some of Lisa's original compositions include, "That Same 
Ol' Red Dress Blues", "B+ On My Report Card Blues", "Puny Allowance 
Blues", and "I Been Good So Long, It Looks like Bad to Me.

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