Simpson profile

Marge Simpson

Job title: 

Housewife (but in the eyes of Springfield Elementary that's "not a 
real job because you don't get paid").

Claim to Fame: 

Home-Made Marshmallow Squares 


Napping, when and if possible


Ringo Starr, Homey in a toga or the Mr. Plow jacket, and candle-lit 
dinners at the Gilded Truffle.


Waxy yellow build-up, people who say yes but mean no, and swearing 
outside of the bedroom.

Did you know? 

She's got web toes ... 


Marge is the mucilage that bonds the Simpson family unit. She is also 
the laundry detergent that keeps them clean, the oven mitt that 
prevents burns, and the high-powered rotary buffer that leaves them 
with a clear protective finish. Along with her hair, Marge has carried 
the dessert-making to new heights. Her 1988 Mt.Rushmore Presidents 
Day tribute was breathtaking, being the largest of free-standing 
gelatin mold in Springfield history.

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