*** NOVEMBER 16, 1998 MEETING ***

How's it going everybody.  This is what happened at last nights Circle K meeting for those of you who weren't in attendance.

*INTRODUCTIONS  -  name and your answer to the question, "What color is today?"  I think mauve was the best answer, but I might be a bit biased.
*OLD BUSINESS  -  (11/11)  Kiwanis meeting  -  The program this week was just committee meetings.  I went and spoke with the Young Children Priority One committee and asked them for $200 for Dear Santa and they agreed.
(11/13-14)  Princeton Camp  -  Great weekend.  At the meeting we presented our drawings of each other that we made Friday night.  I think that Matt's and mine were the two best, but again I might be a bit biased.  
(11/16)  Envelope Stuffing  -  We went to the United Way and stuffed envelopes for a couple of hours.
*NEW BUSINESS  -  (Tuesday, 11/17)  Interclub with Easter.  Breaking Bill's band new van in on it's very first CKI road trip.  I think they are planning on leaving around three and getting back around midnight.  It is tonight so if you at the last minute want to go, call Bill.
(Wednesday, 11/18)  -  Kiwanis meeting  -  Elks Lodge at noon.  If you want to go, give me a call and I'll give you a ride.  I am part of the program this week so already there is one big reason to go.  
(Saturday, 11/21)  -  Winter Coat Drive  -  at the home football game vs. Bowling Green we are collecting coats for the Salvation Army.  Meet at the West side of the stadium at 10:30 until 1:00.  If you are signed up for this, I'll be calling you later this week.  If not, you are still welcome to show up.
(Saturday, 11/21)  -  Key Club Bake Sale  -  Sale starts at 9 o'clock am and runs until 4 PM.  Key Club is just looking for some people to help them out.
(Tuesday 11/24)  -  Children's Learning Center Clean-up  This basically consists of going there and helping them do some cleaning.  Always a great time.
(Monday, 11/30)  -  Last meeting of the semester.  This is at Pizza Villa and membership pins and cards will be distributed.  FREE PIZZA!
(Sunday, 12/20)  -  Dear Santa  -  I'll talk more about this at the next meeting.
(Saturday, 1/2)  -  Holiday Embrace  -  I've never been there, but I've always heard that it is a blast.  There is a form in the latest Eye On The I/I Newsletter if you want to go.

** T-shirts are on their way.  If you would like one and haven't singed up for one, talk to Becky and give her your size.
** For those of you who haven't paid dues, it is getting about time that it is really needed.  We are no longer the largest club in the district, but we can be.  If you need help paying dues, come talk to either Bill or myself and we can work something out.
** visit my very own CKI webpage at http://members.tripod.com/~giddyup2/circlek.html to find out all of the times for events, brief description of events, and list of members.

That is pretty much it.  Remember that skits start next week so do what you can to make sure that you are there.  Until next week . . .

Chris Kelley