*** NOVEMBER 2, 1998 MEETING ***

How's it going everybody?  Here is what happened at the November 2nd Circle K meeting for those of you who weren't in attendance.

Introductions  -  Name and Favorite Song
Old Business  -  CLC Cleanup (10/27)  We went to the Children's Learning Center and helped them out buy cleaning the toothbrush cabinets and cleaning some of the highchairs.  Non-stop fun.
	Kiwanis Meeting (10/28)  Program was about the financial state of DeKalb County
	Haunted House (10/29, 30, 31)  This weekend was a lot busier than last weekend.  They are expecting a record number for the amount raised.  Thank you to all that helped from Kishwakee Kiwanis and Circle K.
	Safe Passage (11/2)  We went there from 6:30 until 8:00 and played with the kids while their mom's went to their meetings.  I ended up playing checkers and Monopoly.  I lost both games.

New Business  -  (Wednesday)  Kiwanis Meeting at noon in the Elks Lodge.  Call either myself or Bill if you want to come and need a ride.
	(Friday)  Leadership Training Conference at Rock Island.  
	(11/9)  Normal Circle K meeting
	(11/11)  Kiwanis Meeting at Elks Lodge
	(11/13, 14)  Work at Princeton Camp.  We are helping them install a ropes course.  This is going to be an overnight event, however if you want to you will be able to drive up with somebody Saturday morning.  Please come to the 11/9 meeting if you are interested in going.
	(11/21)  Winter Coat Drive and Key Club Bake Sale

	That is pretty much it for this week in the world of Circle K.  I hope to see all of you at the meeting on Monday in Dusable 220 and at some future projects.  

*****REMINDER TO THOSE ON DEAR SANTA to meet at Neptune at 8:00 Thursday night to discuss what is done and what needs to be done

Till next time,

Chris Kelley