*** NOVEMBER 9, 1998 MEETING ***

Here is what happened at the November 9th, Circle K meeting for those of you who weren't there.

Introductions - just name
Old Business
	*  Kiwanis Lunch (11/3) - Carol Hamerlee, the NIU Women's Head Basketball coach spoke about 	the upcoming season.
	*  Leadership Training Conference (11/6-8) - Bill, Jill, Monica, and myself went.  It was pretty 	good.  Friday night was the district board meeting.  Saturday was spent mostly in workshops or 	roller-skating.  
New Business
	*  Kiwanis Meeting (Wednesday 11/10) - Call me if you want to come and need a ride.  
	*  Princeton Church Camp (Friday 11/13-14) - We will be helping set up telephone poles for the 	high-low ropes course that they are building.  If you signed up, Carrie will call you sometime this 	week and talk to you about it.  If you didn't, and want to come, call Carrie and she will convince 	you that it is going to be really fun and everybody should go.
	*  Safe Passage (Monday 11/16) - We go to the DeKalb Safe Passage house and entertain the 	kids while the moms attend their meetings.  6:30 - 8:00
	*  Interclub at Eastern (Tuesday 11/17) - We are all going to pile into Bill's brand new van and 	road trip to Easter to attend one of their meetings.  We are planning on leaving at around three 	and don't expect to be back till around midnight.  
	*  Coat Drive (Saturday 11/21) - At the home football game against Bowling Green we are going 	to be collecting coats for the Salvation Army.  6:30 - 8:00
	*  Key Club Bake Sale/Craft Show (Saturday 11/21) - The sale starts at 9 o'clock am and runs 	until 4 PM.  Setup starts at 7.  If you can bake anything or make any crafts, please sign up and 	help out the Key Club.
	*  Children's Learning Center Clean-up (Tuesday 11/24) - Non-stop fun.  Last time we got to 	scrub the toothbrush cabinets!
	*  Last meeting of the semester (Monday 11/30) - Nine PM at Pizza Villa.  This is a special 	meeting where all new members will receive their membership pins and cards.  Free Pizza!
	*  Dear Santa (Sunday 12/20) - More Later
	*  Holiday Embrace (Saturday 1/2) - More Later
Break Off Into Groups
	Each board member was given a group of members and their task was to come up with something to present to the club at next weeks meeting.  That thing could be a song, skit, game, pretty much anything.  Bill will be the judge of which group does the best and a prize will be given.  Also to those who are not in my group YOU ARE GOING DOWN!

	It has been discussed before, but I don't think anybody has done one yet so I went ahead and made a beautiful Circle K web page.  Now, I only spent a few hours on it so it is nothing spectacular, but it does have dates, times, and a list of all of our members and their phone numbers on it.  It is at http://members.tripod.com/~giddyup2/circlek.html  
It is a just a branch off my actual web page which IS spectacular.

	That is pretty much it.  So until next week.

Chris Kelley