*** OCTOBER 26, 1998 MEETING ***

Hey, how's it going everybody?  Thats nice.  So where the heck where you all last night?  Here is what happened for everybody that missed it.

Introductions - Name and Halloween Costume this year
Old Business - 
*Safe Passage (10/19)   Same old same old.  Entertain the kids while the moms are at their meeting.
*Kiwanis Meeting (10/21)   The program was just information on the Haunted House.
*HaUnTeD hOuSe (10/23-24)    Friday and Saturday night were two completely different nights.  Friday night we didn't really know what we were doing.  Most of the night Brian and Rosemary were in the room portraying the life of Hamerman.  Saturday, Matt jumped off his cross and scared the crap out of people.  We had lots of people there so that helped.  Some people were even fortunate enough to hear me sing.  

New Business - 
*Kiwanis Meeting (Wednesday)  Noon at Elks Lodge.  Call Bill or myself if you want to come and need a ride
*hAuNtEd HoUsE (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)  7-11 every night with "Not so Scary" on Friday 4-6.  Need lots and lots of people to work.  If you have a costume go ahead and bring it, but don't worry if you don't have one.  There is never a shortage of masks at the Haunted House.  
*(Friday)  After the Haunted House, whoever wants to is invited to go out for Pizza with the club.  Then after Pizza, Bill so kindly invited us all to trash his house that night for a little sleep over.  Please contact Carrie or Bill if you want to stay.
*(11/2)  Safe Passage - 6:30 to 8:00  Call me if you need a ride.
	Normal Meeting
*(11/6-8)  LTC (Leadership Training Conference) at Augustana College in Rock Island.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Transportation is already taken care of and so is the bill.  It is FREE, a great experience, so COME TO LTC!  Contact Carrie or Bill if you plan on attending.
*(11/9)  Normal Meeting
*(11/13-14)  Work at a Camp in Princeton.  From what I hear we are helping to build a ropes course.  Guaranteed to be a great time.
*(11/16) Normal Meeting
*(11/21)  Home Football Game against Bowling Green.  More importantly, Winter Coat Drive.  More info on its way.

Besides all of the normal business, since it is getting close to Halloween, there was candy literally flying through the air.  This might be because of the piņata, or maybe just because some people who will remain nameless were using it as ammo.  

Hopefully we will see more of you next week at our meeting in Dusable 220 on Monday night.  Until next week!

Chris Kelley