SPRING BREAK 1999 - Waiting at the Opry

Pretty much our entire day at Nashville was spent at either Opryland or
around there.  Our main goal was to get in to see a taping of Prime Time
Country and we did.  So while we were waiting for standby tickets we roamed
around the Opry Museum and Opry Land Hotel.  By the time we got out of the
show the day was pretty much done.  Unfortunately none of our pictures from
Prime Time turned out.  Same with the pictures taken in downtown Nashville
the night before.  But we do have a lot of the Opry!
Me and Garth.jpg
Becky and myself at the opry.
Becky and myself still at the opry.
Becky and myself killing each other at the opry.
Don't they just look so innocent?
Kodak moment at the Opry Hotel.
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