September 11, 1998

Rice is Back!

Oh what a diference a year makes!  A year ago, after opening weekend, 
the 49ers found themselves with a loss, Jerry Rice out for the season,
and Steve Younge talking about retirement.  This year is almost the
exact opposite.  The 49ers defeated the New York Jets 36-30 in an over-
time thiller.  The big news heading into the game was the return of Jerry
Rice.  Rice got back to his old from catching 6 balls for 86 yards and
one touchdown.  Young had an above average day compleating 26 of 46 for
363 yards and three touchdowns.  But the biggest story of the day had to
have been Gerrison Hearst running for 187 yards including the game breaking
96 yard touchdown run in overtime.  
Go Niners!
                                                        Chris Kelley