** November, 13 1998 **

Sloppy But Still A Win 

They got the win, and that is all that matters right? Sure the 49er offense 
gave up six turnovers. Yes, they were down by 16 at one poing of the game. 
So they nearly let a one and seven team beat them. Big deal right? Well, 
not yet but it soon will be. In the past four games, the 49ers have found 
themselves down by double digit numbers at one point. At least we know that 
they can come back. But at some point their luck will run out. One obvious 
reason for the close game this week was the start of QB Ty Detmer over Steve 
Young. "This is a tough (Carolina) defense," Mariucci said. "The quarterback 
was going to get hit, so I just didn't feel that Steve was going to get 
through this game feeling better than he did yesterday." Detmer started off 
by throwing thee interceptions. But after that the team ralied around him and 
got the offence going. Rice had six catches for 87 yards, Owens had 9 for 72, 
and Stokes had 5 for 61. Detmer finished with three TD passes and led a drive 
that put kicker Wade Richey in fielgoal range for a 46-yard, game-winning 
fieldgoal. "Definitely the biggest kick of my career," Richey said. "I had a 
good week of practice, so I was confident that I was going to make it." Next 
week the 49ers have the 7-2 Falcons. Will Steve be back? "I feel like I'll be 
100 percent. I'm excited to play for a full game. There's no doubt at all," 
said Young. GO NINERS! 
                                                        Chris Kelley