*September 27, 1998*

Jerry Rice's Day

After the season ending injury last season, a lot of people were wondering
if Jerry Rice would ever return to his old form.  Well, on Sunday he gave
them the answer.  Rice caught 8 passes for 162 yards and 2 touchdowns
when the Niners defeated the Falcons 31-20.  "It's unbelievable because we 
have so many faces on this offense. Today was my day," Rice said.  Steve 
Young and Rice are only one TD away from  becoming the NFLs best duo. 
Sunday marked the third consecutive game that the 49er ofence generated
over 500 yards.  Rice said, "I don't think we're working on all cylinders 
right now but I guarantee you, towards the middle or the end of the season, 
we're going to be even sharper and more explosive."  Let me just say that 
I can't wait!  GO NINERS!