** October 10, 1998 **

No Excuses 

After three games of scoring more than 500 yards of total offence, running the ball with ease, and
having the defence hold teams to small number of points, you know that the 49ers were bound to
have some sort of let down. But what happened on October 4 was much more than that. The 49ers
lost to the Buffalo Bills by a score of 26-21. It might have actually been a good game had the Niners
decided to start playing football right away instead of waiting for the 4th quarter. They trailed 23-0
going into the 4th. Then they actually decided to stop messing around and start playing football, but
by that time it was too little too late. I mean, when you tie a NFL record with 22 penelties, have 4
turnovers, and miss fieldgoals it doesn't matter how good you do in one quarter. Your still going to
lose the game. And lose it they did. But like every loss, its not the end of the world. Its just time to
forget about it and move on to the New Orleans Saits. GO NINERS! 

                                                        Chris Kelley