** November 5, 1998 **

Crushing Loss 

What is it about the Green Bay Packers? In the last three seasons, the 
49ers have a record of 0-5. Steve Young has never beaten the Packers while 
starting at QB. With everybody healthy, and the 49er offence running at 
full speed, this was going to be the time to win it. Unfortunately it didn't 
turn out like that. It was kind of like three diferent games. In the first 
five minutes, the Packers jumped out to a 16-0 lead. Then San Fran came back 
and made the score 22-22. But just when things were beginning to look good, 
LeRoy Butler sacked Young to turn the momentum around to the Pack and they 
went away with a 36-22 win. "We showed a sense of urgency in this game, but 
I can't say that we played well," said Rice. "We had the opportunities but 
didn't capitalize on them. That's basicallyit." The 49er special teams unit 
was just slightly off key. With a botched punt that turned into a safety,two 
missed extra points, and a missed fieldgoal, you can't help but wonder how 
the game mighthave turned out had things gone better. "It's a mountain we've 
got to climb," Young said. "And it's stillthere for us." GO NINERS!

                                             Chris Kelley