Pizza Hut Christmas Party Pictures

Click on the description of the pic you want to see. I apologize if they take some time to load.

X-Mas Party 1998.jpg: Brett, Josh, Marshall, Megan, myself, and Becky
X-Mas Party 1998-2.jpg: The best singer there
X-Mas Party 1998-3.jpg: Kevin and Brett sharing a moment
X-Mas Party 1998-4.jpg: Kirk, Megan, and Tracy with a poetry reading
X-Mas Party 1998-5.jpg: Brett and Andy singing
X-Mas Party 1998-6.jpg: Brett, Kirk, Andy, and myself singing pretty melodies
X-Mas Party 1998-7.jpg: Marshall, Megan, Tracy, and Kirk not singing pretty melodies
deb&tom.jpg: Deb lovin her chicken
becky&roe.jpg: King and Queen of the Hut

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